Miss the Forest

I think I comprehend the incomprehensible, the reprehensible, I think.

I guess the fog plans to stay and behave as more than a mere misbehaving vapor, I guess.

Certainly courage or cowardice or the wordless touch of one true friend will keep me from certainty.

The Consequences of Smiling

The Consequences of Smiling
by Lisa

You’ll always look four and twelve
Eighty even, but not forty at all
Kids will look at you funny for a minute
Then run to you
They’ll want to stay
Real adults won’t take you seriously
So beware

The eyes begin to go
Wrinkles at the corners
Nearsightedness -the good kind of myopia
You’ll see the treasure too
The up-close
The forest for the trees
Your own awe-struck stare at dawn

Your face will stay that way
Muscle memory (Mom was right)
You’ll be the light
In someone’s lousy day
On your own hard days
You’ll see your smile too
Its asymmetry…its perseverance

Smiles are feathers
Warmth for mind, body and soul
Insulation from frowns
Lift for the wings
Yours and theirs
Rainbow-colored plumage for this place
Smiles, like feathers that tickle

while I read

Seek me in the soft
Shadows where I’ve the need to play

Find me on the frilled
Fringe as I take dares each day

Catch me on the kindred
Curves where ease and danger meet

Take me to the tall
Tree and wait at my feet 



When you dream of them
Let you lean on them
Put your arm ’round them

Only smile at you
Walk in step with you
Free what clings at you

Call out they call too
Them and you
He knew