June Will Be Okay

Deciding this morning whether
To be afraid for our weather

For this Earth
For its Underlings

I noticed triumph
Its and Theirs

I saw green, cold tears

There was little left to do
Open wide the window

Cry out
Three cheers for a cold victory!


Endeavor where smallness 
Says you ought grasp
Stupidly seem to settle

Admit and tell fear
You are in fact, petrified
Let it think it won 

Reach breathlessly then, baby
Heavenward and find
Stardust-covered triumphant arms

*Original Thought Credit: Robert Browning; “Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, Or what’s a heaven for?”


We force shadows
Calling darkness all the brilliance
For what high purpose
This low comfort

Push, gasping for dear life
Step finally through
It is dawn now 
The harpist begins soon
Everything need not ache