Mist Unknown

Should we leave

Into the ministry unknown
Fine day or misty

Our thrill lies there

Sediment building here

As brain fog
As ankle chains, of sorts

Hearts at risk, lives at stake
Apathy and anarchy abound

Should we stay


Uncertainty, my enemy -it roams inside my ribs.

I wonder with deep-seated fear, just how will I do this?

Though morning maketh all things new, by eve’ I dance decrepit

It seems the voice inside my head desires me unaccepted


Are you here to parade in my past

Marching, lock, stock and barrel

With all the should’ve-been soldiers

Never healed

Never having entrusted their hand

Am I here to remain unredeemed

Writhing, uncertainty everywhere

With all the versions of me

Never arrived

Never knowing anything but alone

Blue Damsels


From the wind, I think

Or what’s riding on it

Chilled uncertainty?

Despite any positive prophecy or revelation

Holy, scholarly, or both

It’s what troubles me to the core today

And my sisters too

So let us weep in any and all ways tonight

So the morrow we’ll feel as ourselves again


unnamed well

 What is this like
To profess and proclaim
An adoration
Into a listening nowhere

What do you call that
The certainty swimming
The swirling unknowing
Words on invisible ears

To the unnamed well return
Again and again find it cooled
What is this like
What do you call that