Helping Her Go (6)

“You made it this far
Wonder, man…wandering now
Stop. Push her beyond”

Always these words
Never these feet
Victor’s conscience never bothered him, though
You came here to help her
You came here to fall
For Her
Did you not?
Let’s learn if between the two of you
There is enough grit to start
To fuel an industry

“It IS my business,” Cressida thought
And it bothered her so


It is whisper quiet 
This place
Alone is all there is
Truth a mere caricature of itself 
No making sense of the light to the West 
Fated are we
To be fallen stars and starlets
With delusion the Victor


He left 
To struggle then break free
To wail before the calm did come
To despair until all that was left is hope
To see my own cowering shadow rise up

To be dust, dust again, then be formed
To learn I knew nothing
He never left me alone