June Will Be Okay

Deciding this morning whether
To be afraid for our weather

For this Earth
For its Underlings

I noticed triumph
Its and Theirs

I saw green, cold tears

There was little left to do
Open wide the window

Cry out
Three cheers for a cold victory!

From His Lips

I roar, whilst in David’s clothing
An Amazon, though oh-so-small
Ought, by the world’s measure, back down
But no
I take aim
You play the unwinable game
The ground, you roam
The fall, your home
The dirt your resting place 

To AmuseĀ 

What more did you foresee my sweet
What I would burn 
As the early sun hiding shone on nonetheless

Was it a known or a guess

Say how you strived to see to the future
This humble talk
I am owed your victorious regale

Buoy Back

For so long for certain
It’s been about
Getting up, up, off, off the mat
Jabbing when you must 
Ducking if you need
Floating on your toes
Staying off your heels

Yet now I am certain
This looks like a draw
Or someone’s else’s bout
I’m calling it
Strutting from the ring 
Still on my game
Setting sweet lyrics to the tone of the bell