Double Monocle

You were as a fiery thing

I had to double-check

I said with laughter that only I was meant to hear
Yet you came nearer

Don’t question me then, when I ask
How is it you hear?
How is it I see?

Nocturnal Eyes

I was not granted 
Nocturnal eyes
For in the dark
I cannot see people

Dancing like pinpoint lights I wish to make sense of and wish to join hands with

Smiling like soul-seekers they wish to be part of something much greater than this 

I was not granted 
Nocturnal eyes
Nor are those
Who descend

The Road Before Us

I think there’s pale, storm blue.

And a handprint or two. In black, but gentle, not graffiti-like.

I hear green breathing in and giving back.

Soft fibers that fell from all over. Reminders of the eyes and hands behind them.

Amber inviting throughout the space.

Smiles. Wisdom-teaching smiles, that comfort and Save. 

Hard-covered poetry within arms reach.

Wooden bowls, filled for friends, beside the window that’s right where it’s needed.