Spring Green

There was in that dark house
A dark corner
Barricaded by a bookcase
Shelves of borrowed, unused wisdom
Visitors might only glimpse

One trying afternoon
Two deja vu’s too many
A final conversation
A one-sided determination
A voice overdue journeyed forth

And She Said
Let there be light
For She Knew
There should be light
There can be color

There in the aftermath
A dark mess
Cobwebs and chipped paint
A different bookcase revealed
She scrubbed and painted Green


The Light Tender

In the deep, dark depths of the back of the closet,
Was the blue dress long abandoned.

Encouraged to remember its flounce and its flow,
I grabbed hold of a lamp
And decided to go
Find it again
Or get lost trying.

So what that I did get lost?
I found it hanging there -still nice.
And it fit and I wore it all day today,
Reaching down at my feet occasionally
To pick up the pieces that kept falling
From the hemline. Not a bad thing.

Holding them in my hands,
I recognize the pieces
As opportunities
To proclaim how I love:

The secret delivery of art as I peek from behind the curtain;
The tears that you leak, that I’ll never stop reaching to catch;
The laughter contagious, or the snapshot of it;
You, in red, refusing to wear the green I chose for you; and,
Me, as I keep collecting pieces of blue.