The Bond

My condolences in advance

When dawn dawns
When your light proves up
How you’ve chosen one who doesn’t choose you

When without masks, you’ve given freely of yourself
In vulnerability
In honesty

Maybe messy, but as a firework

To a soul-less soul

One steeped in habits of hiding and avoidant attachment
Devoid of words or a will to stay

Champion yourself, champion, and know you’ve fought the good fight

Though you fought alone
Though you shadow boxed

Know that next time, there’ll be no next time
No room for their prose in your poem

My Tell

If I close my eyes
Pasted smile upon my lips
Satan cannot see my tears

If I lock the door
Steal away to pray, midday
He won’t miss me

If in plain sight, I
Pretend an all’s-well walk
He won’t send a delegate my way

If I’m vulnerable
In my superpower song
Satan cannot sing along

Warrior, Defender

What is this we say
Words have power?
To send them out as little soldiers
Do we?
Dressed in armor plus tiny swords
Or in humility, altogether naked
Regardless revealing our hearts

When with any thought
Words can heal?
To speak them forth as mighty ministers
Ought I?
What bidding do I demand of them
Or in vulnerability, lowly ask
No matter what I stand to lose

Subject Yourself

We give credit to the artists,
and we know that’s credit due.
Tho’ what would spark her, catch his eye
if not for the subject, you?

You’re her sun or you’re his sky,
or the trees, the bees, the view.
You’re the contrasts, the forgiveness,
or the love, the hope, what’s true.

Just how often do you wonder
“To myself, ought I be true?
Feel my fun, my fear, my courage,
show my texture, sing the blues?”

Step up then, to a big, bold “Yes!”
Vulnerability’s the key.
Let the artists find your masterpiece
and highlight it for all to see.


Art Credit: “You Rise Above the World” Richard Taylor; Milwaukee River Walk, Milwaukee, WI

Original Thought Credit: “…to thine own self be true.” William Shakespeare, “Hamlet”