What if I

Of dust, breath, and rib

Too, picked you

— Obliterated matter, and ground-bound

And breathed

Christ-like fellowship

Into you

Stood by your side

And we walked together, thence?

We Slay

May I melt into you at sunset, when our day is done, and the deep — delicious, as a buffet — lies before us?

Will you walk with me into that starred-space, wish upon the seconds with me, and show me what courage in the dark can accomplish?

Battle with me — and sometimes, for me — fellow-dreamer, in those in-between hours, then soothe my mind when I wake to the day

So again I may slay 


What say we keep walking
In tranquility
You and me

See what we see
A new day today
A better way

Exhale a time or two
In hope the adrenaline

Lay bets that being a true friend
Will in the end
Find us fine and dandy

And New and Final
Can we?

Swear Fealty

I did walk
Into some feud
With a self-appointed lord

Who fought to the edge of reason
Against me
What false fealty, he
Who sought no reason to fight
For me

With then, my One, True Lord
Into some grace
I did walk


Prison guard, freedom writer
Daring me, “Escape.”
Air mask at altitude
E•ter•nal•ly late

You talked of Boardwalk wood
Dirty scoundrel’s lies
I walked a catwalk strut
Good•bye•ing your eyes