None Mercy

God, there was such pain



The love of a lifetime toppling as the city wall

A series of shofar blasts heralding not justice and courage, but cruelty those years

These years, I tilt my head hoping to drain the ringing and echoing from these ears

All an image or impression away — the mountains, the oceans, and desert sands steal me back

Or a wedding song

A life that escapes me, a pain impossible to escape

Steel & Glass

Hold fast to speed
With horse-powered heart of cold, hard steel
That feeds the oats my hand cannot

Fall sleeping, glassy-eyed
A plasma world upon a wall I cannot penetrate
That feeds fairytales, as my feet live actually

Thirty Percent

A fence may draw the eye, asking, will you act as friend?

What when we keep the Others out, what will that make us then?

Can’t we, won’t we alter fate of each whole soul, alike;

A fence with strong and welcome gate, a fence not stained by white.


Let each Day be a brick
A brick placed in the wall
The wall inscribed with words
With words only for me
For me you were the hope
The hope I’d love again
Love again you fool
You fool brick wall of words

God Said

I might’ve left you there
On the floor, propped up near the door
Gingerly wrapped in plain brown paper 
Instead, as I remember, I scooped you up gladly
Wanting to know why
Shouldn’t you be placed in the center of it all
In the gathering place
So that if they cared
Everyone could know