Would it be weak
Were I to cry for the collective
The selves I’ve been
The chance, gone, to them each?

These wheels face West
The light-lit way, daily apparent
Yet my feet are only able to stay
Stumbling in concrete


We share Little in common
The Monk and Me
Soft, furtive early risers
Though grounded, I, facing West,
Facing East, He
And dining together, I linger
Dashes, He
Little Green Space we share, we

Some Saturday

We’ll sit together, child
Should God give us time
To ask the Eastern light,
“Where have you been all these hours?”
To watch the Western sky
Blush on its behalf
We’ll struggle no more, child
Please God, give us time
With the why of why not
About the words we can’t use
‘less they begin and end
With the loveliest shade of love



I want the Spring to redeem me
The Lake to heal me

I want salvation for my soul
My heart rinsed and made whole

I want the wild, wild to steal me
The West to bring me home

I want this at any cost
I’ve a dime and a half lifetime to spend