Blue Damsels


From the wind, I think

Or what’s riding on it

Chilled uncertainty?

Despite any positive prophecy or revelation

Holy, scholarly, or both

It’s what troubles me to the core today

And my sisters too

So let us weep in any and all ways tonight

So the morrow we’ll feel as ourselves again



I know

I am nothing


Mere smashed-up, shattered pottery

An impermanent cup, long since buried

Serving as drainage

For your pretty backyard garden flowers

Then when I finally drink

From the cup that is not shattered

The cup that matches yours but is intact


See I am the mosaic labyrinth in you


The nutrients, light and sweet rain for you


The height and beauty of you


The reason they wish to pluck you


The breath-stealing scent of you

Found Now

The whole of you fills my days now
Those little pieces of you 
Busily, brilliantly quieting 
The noise I thought never would leave
The noise I feared would leave 

No Place

This isn’t just any journey, is it

Where a global position or place

Will help us know we’re home 

Hand now a part of the heart to the empty space

Where we’d only been ebbing around the edge

Turn and flow fully into this day each day

Tell if that doesn’t feel like home 

The word of a friend