The Nile

I’m thinking
You already know
I already know
You’re thinking

You’re wishing away
I already denied
You already denied
I wish away

Given all we think
What we know
Despite all we wish
What we deny
I cost too much

Not Enough Miles Away


I, having opted instead for distraction
Skipped the moon crawling across the sky
For, if not for wishes
What’s the moon for

I, having once been the one
Wishes felled from her lips
A woman of goodness asking of gods
Who hoarded her pleadings

I, having looked away now, see
Their entertainment satisfied
By the light of the moon
Just another satellite

More Stories

Brave, beautiful smile
Soon someone will see
The construct of courage behind you
The how you wish lifebreath would flee  

Green, generous eyes
Emptiness eats at your soul
All the belief good would find you
All you wished kindness the goal


This Day again 
And this place
Here I move happily up That Hill
At an easily difficult pace
On account of my heart
And all that it hopes and hoped

I close my eyes to make a wish
A steady shutter
A sturdy tripod 
On solid ground
A bellwether
Are all that comes to mind