Gen Xers

Nice boy
Back in school, we’d ride bikes
Just not together

Parallel lines, at the same time
One of us too, too shy
Lone wolves, we

Both damn quick
With pencil and paper, too
Hearts raced, true love confessed

Notes never delivered
Our legs unable to take the leap
Fast-forward decades later

And analog becomes digital
I knew not your name until now:

Mistaken Wolf

 A desolate of some sort
Wilderness to me
And my coat never warm enough
So many trees
Too tall to show their green to me
Too numerous to let me gain a path or compass mark
The roots of them I cannot get from under my feet
The dead moss but slippery still sees my every step at risk
I am tall and I’d fall hard
Who would know it in the dim
The dim

The dim harasses my eyes
Hamstrings my mind
So I refuse to see
Still I know
The wolf watches
Ambery eyes and charcoal black back there and sure-footed
The dim and the fog bother him none, confuse him not
Funny I fear though he will not bite me
Poison I am to him
Still he knows
I think I am alone