This Business
Leftover sandwiches and lies
Ignoring the Goddess of you

The light at the table, blasphemed away
Slighted before,
But come now

Bring your intellect and intuit
Let us peace-make and pray
Let us paint anew

She Of The Field

Her stripes will never be white-washed
Her rudbeckia sun
Will never be tilled under
What cheapness have you done?

Your patch of earth, a briar field
Tall thistle lines your way
When beauty comes to ask you
What answer will you say?


my Society
thought little of me

accept the breadcrumb trail
beg for a Holy Grail 

return home empty handed
scraps to be demanded

now I know what’s true
honor is for me too

my heart the goldest medal
demands that I not settle


My prayer, my sisters 

Protection regardless of our own plans
Our story’s not finished yet

May eyes filled with light
Hook and tether our hearts 
And we will see who we are