Like a Lover

I always step outside, in the daylight and in the dark, and see whether I see stars, and ask whether they see me, and, notwithstanding the clouds or the position of the sun, I do beseech them, tell me: Do you see him, is he outside seeing you, asking and beseeching too, and is he looking this way…my way?

Shiver Me

 I marvel
Will you always look little to me 
Loving recklessly
Moving with abandon
Dancing the Worm 
Without care of the bruises 
Both eyes big and thinking
What good will the wily do you
I wonder 

Heat Tilt Thy Head

I don’t speak the future
Though this I predict
The heat
It is coming 
With the peel of each day
Beyond the fog
Over the rain

Like the flame on a fastball
Singed stitches intact
Test me heat
Ten more lifetimes
Shout my name as you do
Hear me cooling myself
Tell me who’s testing who