Come, world
Come crashing down
Just as you have threatened

While we stand up straight

Just as we have prepared
Come watch our audacious dance
Come, world 

Radio Off

I like others
The way they can sing
About their love
Of another
Don’t stop

I like the voice
In my head, and its pitch-perfect
Singing about
No one and everyone 
It won’t stop


You disconnected me and now I know
I’m here to build my own tower
I’m here to harness the lightning
I’m here to wire the world
I’m here with high-bandwidth, hello
You there on the grid

Wide-angle View

I almost ruined it
Listening to the sunrise today
Needing so badly to step back and blink 
The step back -the blink
That removes the pain

For I am not the patriot clang
The whimsical splashing shore
Or the sizzling Southwest wind
Welcoming in
The sunrise smile