Gen Xers

Nice boy
Back in school, we’d ride bikes
Just not together

Parallel lines, at the same time
One of us too, too shy
Lone wolves, we

Both damn quick
With pencil and paper, too
Hearts raced, true love confessed

Notes never delivered
Our legs unable to take the leap
Fast-forward decades later

And analog becomes digital
I knew not your name until now:

Double Monocle

You were as a fiery thing

I had to double-check

I said with laughter that only I was meant to hear
Yet you came nearer

Don’t question me then, when I ask
How is it you hear?
How is it I see?

Leather-Bound Book

He walks as the beginning of a book
And an epic message that greets -permeating the future
Invisible ink for now

She takes hold of the leather-bound book
And all but the cover is blank -a fine hello, but what next
Picking up pen, exhaling a smile

Torn Pages

I know
The unwritten Book
Its dulled dust cover
With pages well-worn
Everyone’s read It
In the questioning eyes and
On the stiff shoulders of

Our names are all written inside
Clear, permanent ink
Identities edited
Feathers smoothed
What you expect of me
What I expect of you and 
The consequences for failing
I know

When we see The Sun
And warmly shrug our shoulders
I know I’m in good company
That Book always scared us
So we skipped school
I know we often got busted
But here we all are today
Repurposing Books