could I walk backward
I would walk backward
would I erase you
I could erase you
close my eyes
close my eyes

where are the words
here are the words
here is my love
where is your love
close my heart
close my heart

Love Dust

With what gloves do you handle
Your mother
The one who wonders at you
What pieces of your heart do you hold
For her alone
Will you rise to all she knows you are
And meet her at her pace
Catch her if you can!

With what boots do your walk upon
Your mother
The one who provides for you
What segment of your sinew do you share
For her creatures
Will you champion her air and terroir
And give your dying breath
Back from whence you came!


Good Way

I am an appointment
Admittedly one for which you and I
Know not the time or the place
You will show, dear one
On time

On purpose, I am
Not a side-trip or just-passing-through
The destination you charted and planned
You will know my name
With time

The neighborhood, am I!
The where you grew up and longingly miss
The haunt of where you’ve not yet lived
You will call me Home
In time

Ode To You

You might be the one
In cement there
At the bottom of the steep, steep ascent
Holding on for dear life wondering
Can I?

You might be the one
Under dark skies here
Unable to navigate or follow through 
Pining for your sea legs
What then?

You might be the one
Overcome now
Thoughts of what could go, may go, wrong 
Aching and afraid, wishing
If only?

Ascend and see
Look far and smell the salt air
Breathe deep and find
You might be the one

The Need

The cold of the coatless
Barefoot in the winter
Far from home

The why of the camera
Catching traumatized eyes
Near an empty dinner cup

The strength of these hands
Compelled by unknown forces
Closer, closer to their hands