An Open Letter To Mr. Right

My eyes were just too at ease for your world
No trace in them of repressed anxiety from years of being misunderstood by PTA moms and pain from a father who’d abandoned
No frames of deep stress lines ’round these green babies from a lifetime of striving to live up to my ugly, outspoken, simple-minded momma’s expectations
Of your need to pity me, I had no need, I gave no fuck
Without this, Mr. Right, to hand me your hand, to gift me your name — an impossibility!

My eyes were just too at ease for your ego
Did I, wanting your sugar but not a Superman or Sugardaddy strike some fear somewhere in your heart
Did my complex, uncomplicatedness confuse the machine soul in you
Of your need to out speak me, I had no enmity, I gave no thought
Without a shred of me in need of saving, you pissed yourself and ran

2 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Mr. Right

  1. Actually you seem complicated since you have to lay out your feelings on line in hopes someone is reading about them.

    • Hi.

      I’m so damn comfortable with feeling my feelings and I share them offline too, when it’s relevant and appropriate to do so. That’s rare — i.e., complex — for a human, I think. I hope you, too, are comfortable expressing yourself, for repressing one’s feelings usually isn’t pretty. Just ask the couple of women I was referring to in my poem, sadly.

      And yet, I could see how I might seem complicated to a person not comfortable with feeling their feelings. Mr. Right (sic) would likely agree with you, but honestly, fuck that pisser.

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