Court Time

Something so delicious, I’d coach you if you asked

When you lay it all down at the end of a Day

Aching in your body but not in your heart

Then the special way to sleep, a position most perfect

To taste what I’m talking, all I can offer you is practice

Consider Instead

I want at once to show you

All of what I know of the day 

The real-deal of it, how harsh it can be

How often, if we don’t look close

It presents as something to be endured

Suffered through, something to be wished


This morning seemed that way

Then in a instant, struck me as instead


So be it, I say 

Notice now the grandeur of it

A delicacy to be treasured or consumed

Have it your way 

Either way, notice the gold

The encrusted shell of jewels

A Fabergé gift it is, to be opened

An outrageous little surprise inside

A sly creature, crowned in your birthstone

Peering out a tiny window 

White it rains diamonds


Mama Super

Where I find my trouble
At this time of the Day
Wanting my bones to matter
To someone’s outstretched hand

Then oft’ times if there’s time
Throughout the Dayiong dance
Comes the wish to walk it off
In most unorthodox shoes 

When I pour the Day’s last tea
The mild then seems hard 
But as the lights come off I speak
Unnecessarily aloud, I did that