Mama Super

Where I find my trouble
At this time of the Day
Wanting my bones to matter
To someone’s outstretched hand

Then oft’ times if there’s time
Throughout the Dayiong dance
Comes the wish to walk it off
In most unorthodox shoes 

When I pour the Day’s last tea
The mild then seems hard 
But as the lights come off I speak
Unnecessarily aloud, I did that

comes good

why this day remember back

why see it sealed in history’s white book

when fire and oil must’ve met?

the first time the light streak heard its thunderous voice 

no -the unexpected, accidental, fated brush which brought blush

then quiet laughter and hard tears at the relief of it all

Call It

Always then fall 
Times you cannot will to stand 
Quiet yourself, take a bow, take a knee
Until when tomorrow 
Finds your chin straight
Your will intact
With the path lying crisply ahead