Bonding Bad

The days of danger finding me
Smack dab in the middle of my manifesting success

Freshly showered after having done all the inner-work

Looking like chemistry
Though, by definition, cannot be

True to your name, Trauma

Your electric days that bound us

Higher Self

Ask about my windows, World!
Inquire of my peace
Be vulnerable and take my hand
Let “what if” worries cease

If this seems manic to your mind
Then see me with your soul
I’ll take you to dimension five
Your ego slave to Whole

After School

I wish I could’ve told her
Someone should’ve told her
That Friday, after school
She radiated! 

Light bounced from her hair
Every which way forever
Stayed with her and it wouldn’t stop
Shot from each strand straight through her

Causing what must be
An eternally electric smile
So I’ll tell the lightning gods
Do not forsake her in school

Sky Eye

You would say, “I see you”
I’d say, “How absurd”
You would tell me to look close

I, with human heart and soul
Need enlightened news
You, with your electric eye
Have nothing to lose

The museum day

The depths of the seas
The blessings besides
The all we ought know
The denial of
The streets of the old world
The electric pathways of the new
The prehistoric exaggeration
The twilight of humanity
The noise within
The danger without
The nonsensical breakfast
The nonexistent dinner
The this was too much
The please I need more


These Hallways

I need to think they know each other
They, the other-worldlies
The lost-in-noticing-ers
With vocabularies of gods, speculating

I see them and fall mesmerized
Them, with foreheads furrowed
With wanting, wondering
How the world’s this way or that

I crave their impetus
Their, them, that electrified being
That doesn’t seek convention
Or need to be defined



You disconnected me and now I know
I’m here to build my own tower
I’m here to harness the lightning
I’m here to wire the world
I’m here with high-bandwidth, hello
You there on the grid

Winter Yes

It would be winter
When under the dancing green-red
We should pretend
Our concerted breath
Caused the collision 
Exhaled the electric
Made the magnetic
Wow them
I Aurora, You Solar Wind