lunatic phase

 Is it the moon 
In lunatic phase
Or perfect genetics within
That forces your hand 
And tells you to tear
All that covers your skin

As life asks your heart
To keep looking far
Your feet will soon learn to keep pace
You’re promised, my love
All that shines above
Forever will seek your raised face

Electric Still

I slid into the city from the valley and

Saw then felt the flash of who I am

Now and 

All those years ago

I am electric and

I make mountains offer dares

They hope I’ll accept 

But don’t believe I will

Unknowingly I do and 

I did

It rained warm on me there

I smelled ozone and

Stared at the tallest peak hoping

For one more dare

I left with my eyes down

Electric still

Then looking East

Did It For Me

I needed to stay
and watch you
tremble in your sleep.

With nary a sound,
you stunned.

Observing my eye. 
Collecting my thoughts. 
And processing, processing.
Slow first, then faster. 

Although slumbering, 
you sensed my awe
and lack of a shutter for proof.
Still orchestrating,
you made me miss my flight.