Electric Still

I slid into the city from the valley and

Saw then felt the flash of who I am

Now and 

All those years ago

I am electric and

I make mountains offer dares

They hope I’ll accept 

But don’t believe I will

Unknowingly I do and 

I did

It rained warm on me there

I smelled ozone and

Stared at the tallest peak hoping

For one more dare

I left with my eyes down

Electric still

Then looking East

Did It For Me

I needed to stay
and watch you
tremble in your sleep.

With nary a sound,
you stunned.

Observing my eye. 
Collecting my thoughts. 
And processing, processing.
Slow first, then faster. 

Although slumbering, 
you sensed my awe
and lack of a shutter for proof.
Still orchestrating,
you made me miss my flight.