Said And Done

I speak for the masses
The sides of me inside of me
The arrested phases that do not know how to grow
The girl who grew, too tall too soon

Somewhere in there, a woman walks
Head held high, chin and forehead gently jutted
To the sun, she says
And she does

She does love
To do, to be

She questions me
To lead in love

That gives me pause
First steals my breath, then intuits me to question her back

What of the times you sought to love, to befriend
To be a friend, although in need?
They knew nothing of love!
Friendship foreign to them, they offered an attack
An inevitable abandonment

This is life, and you cannot opt out
You cannot, too, jump ship
You cannot not love, friend
She says to me

She strides onward
To the sun


I watched
You watch
The fleeting snow
Before it took its leave
You put down your go

What did it tell you
What it told me
That bruises aren’t all bad
That time heals
All things

We saw
The three of us
You, me and the sky
The blue-green in our eyes’ skies
Not one can predict us


I want the Spring to redeem me
The Lake to heal me

I want salvation for my soul
My heart rinsed and made whole

I want the wild, wild to steal me
The West to bring me home

I want this at any cost
I’ve a dime and a half lifetime to spend

I LiedĀ 

The battle is twofold
And feels insurmountable 

Truth comes from the North 
And appears as the enemy

Illness attacks at Dawn
And the signal is giv’n

At these intersections, I must choose
And I conclude, I’ll live to fight

Befriend the enemy 
And let it slay hope at Dawn

Giving Her A Voice

“You loved the best kind of man.
What more is there to say?”
she’d gently tell herself, 
I guess. 

“To possess the capacity to love,
is the surest sign of brilliance.”
I tempted her to see,
so she’d heal, and Conclude:

“You’ve a brilliant, unjaded heart. 
Your intellect made perfect sense
of him.” 
Be well, sweet One. 


I speak of you in the past tense
My past
It is where you wanted to be

I spoke to me in the future 
My present
It hurt too much, how could it be

I speak to this moment, present
My future
It is this now, not what could be