See me
A junkie
Watery-eyed and shiftless

The voice in my head ruthless
Hope supply torn from my veins
Disoriented and in slow-motion

I know not what to do
But hunger and shake
And wait to be clean of you

Fireworks, Baby

Count yourself among the many
Who do not care to consider my midnight musings of any value
To know my heart-wrenching pleas for your return
Sent unrequited out

But what you need know
My last diary entry was a mid-summer date
Immediately before the fireworks, but after my hope expired
Your birthday, baby

Ocean Behind

Goodbye last chance to dance

Saved us

If only for a time
Some heartache
Where, were there a promise
Who’d have forgiven us?

Not us

I wish we’d have danced

Original Thought Credit: “Different Worlds,” Jes Hudak

Just Sunshine

I am told of a song worth singing

That the curveball I ought throw life, in perfect pitch, sounds something like this:

“I’m gonna love you like no one has hurt me
I’ve known just sunshine
Wild imagination, deeply invested
Forever, we’re fine”

This, the lore, these sage storytellers I keep company with implore I believe that

A song I must sing, I am told

Original Thought Credit: “Come Rain or Come Shine;” Music and lyrics by Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer, respectively.

Original Person

We, born strong, a known miracle, believed in our birthright

Demanded what we’d earned

Respect of our hearts

When wolves came around

We’d thought them our friend — having been made from the same dust and all

When their howling happened, tables turned, teeth exposed

We’d respond not in-kind, but with kindness

Hoping hindsight would cause us to laugh

How many more times is unclear

How long before hope would recede, who can know?

And so, we ate the Apple

Believed the serpent, absorbed the poison

Until at some future point, we’d bleed out and walk whole

In the afterlife

We ask, all the more demanding and kind

Please beware our now sharp teeth