Celestial Bear

My soulmate constellation
The big deal in the sky, to me

Oh, how you rocked my statuesque space

And, more so, mocked me

Be there any hour, any hemisphere
That might set fixed these spinning bodies?


i count the Lies
discarded so effortlessly
They float like feathers
from Your lips
and are my bible

i count the Zeros
carved painstakingly
They scar like stains
on my skin
and are Your poiēma


All the noise, the propaganda

The truthless, loveless bombs

Only the aftermath to deal with

Each season is Winter again

Yesterday is unrecognizable

Today is unbearable

Tomorrow, there’s no one to trust

Not even the flowers

In full bloom one day

Content to take their leave the next


We warn our feet

Qualify our wishes with caution

Prove it up

Before the soul be set free to live

When none comes

When all the alarms go unheeded, convictions disregarded and we rule on the side of hope-drenched faith

Because what are we if we refuse to have faith! 

We wonder back

At the how of it all

Through the bars of imprisonment that corral our wild hearts

While our fears run free