All the noise, the propaganda

The truthless, loveless bombs

Only the aftermath to deal with

Each season is Winter again

Yesterday is unrecognizable

Today is unbearable

Tomorrow, there’s no one to trust

Not even the flowers

In full bloom one day

Content to take their leave the next


We warn our feet

Qualify our wishes with caution

Prove it up

Before the soul be set free to live

When none comes

When all the alarms go unheeded, convictions disregarded and we rule on the side of hope-drenched faith

Because what are we if we refuse to have faith! 

We wonder back

At the how of it all

Through the bars of imprisonment that corral our wild hearts

While our fears run free

New Songs

Scouring the shops for retro playthings, been-used books and classic, gently-worn threads

I find whimsy

Somehow the hit songs from even this and last year’s summers seem broken, dusty and worn-through at the knees

I’m left thirsty

Used, non-sensical songs creakily playing broken, dusty, worn words, reminding me 

Of the lies I said to myself to survive at about thirteen

I’ve survived…I believe, and I want this: new songs


I admit it
I did it 
And I’ll do it again
Again and again 
I’ll do it again

I smiled and I dreamed and I lowered my eyes
My brunette heart told my head pretty lies

The sun fled West and the moon floated high
I knelt to the floor and I breathed to the sky

I must never do this ever again
I know that I will
It’s a matter of when