Absolutely as a mountain

Vast, ancient, complex

Unexplored by my eyes


Climb, I, your climate zones

Your staid steadies my feet

How am I to take nothing

This all you wish to give

Inhale a meditative Love

Exhale acceptance, heart

Come away untouched



Why we need the woman-girl
Sharing the storyline

She will save you from yourself
Lest you think too long and hard

Let her show you the world’s flora
Should your day be canvassed grey

Dare to let her lead you
In some season of your time

Teach her of the wonder-workings
To the world you navigate

Wonder then, aloud, fine sir
“Her grace, how might I hold?”

Grown Up

I can only
Seek the magic
In you life
I know you’re there

Ten again
I’m taken back
To Santa Clause
And silly times 

You were there 
I can’t pretend
I didn’t see you
Caring at the tree

Twofold Man

I forgive the process
You inhale
From whence You must
You draw
From whichever well presents
You dare
From thirst’s front door clamor
You must
You see 

Original thought credit:
Elizabeth Barrett Browning;
‘Aurora Leigh’