Our Finest Hour

Our finest hour

And, Goddamn it, lift your voice

Shriek to me from out of the grey

It has been six years and six months to the day

Set aside your pen

Unpoison your wellspring

Harmonize with me

End the endless justification of silence

Of the dark

Lived lives trump safe lives



Hallowed. Unhallowed.
Echoes unheard.
All the chasing. All the fleeing.
Hearts unmoved.

Under this roof. Within these hearts.
Lives entwined.
Careful words. Cherish the skin.
Beings enthralled.

I miss bad judgment 
I miss the sin
I want to put on
That old coat again

This straight and narrow 
Feels far too wrong
I miss the lightning
Come thunder’s song


It is whisper quiet 
This place
Alone is all there is
Truth a mere caricature of itself 
No making sense of the light to the West 
Fated are we
To be fallen stars and starlets
With delusion the Victor