Symmetrical stripes we have, yours and mine
Though my left ear more dark
And your left hand more bright

Our eyes both have the highlights of hope
To the left of your nose a freckle all your own
Matching the one on my chin

Yes my wings are muted 
While yours bear what color
We wear the same bold heart within

Winter Yes

It would be winter
When under the dancing green-red
We should pretend
Our concerted breath
Caused the collision 
Exhaled the electric
Made the magnetic
Wow them
I Aurora, You Solar Wind

Knuckle Ball

I hope there’ll be fog
And some small clearing
And though I cannot command it
It seems
The situation would demand it
Given all the blind searching
The hanging heavy in the air
The questions
The confusions
The rain always looming off-shore 
I want the Sun to wait in complete quiet 
Just that once
As it bounces inside with anticipation 
Over who is about to receive his newly perfected knuckle ball