Always East

Who now is thirsty for tomorrow?
I am! I am!

While my immersion in the moment allowed the universe to gift me with one Delighted poet

Happy for him whilst pushing through my pain

I am in love with now’s sorrow

Shall I claim it again?
I am thirsty for tomorrow!

Ante Meridiem Musings

How dare I contrast
Or compare

The gorgeous rhythm of rain
Upon this corner of the world
Stirring my morningtimes now

With predawn’s blessed birdsong
Celebrating a coming sun
Inspiring my risings back then

Have they not both awakened me


Should the sunrise be at your back
Today, or for a spell
Won't you carry on?

Let those on the shoreline
Seeing their truth for the first time
Have their realizations

If you're facing darkest unknowns
Light can only follow you


5 minutes to sunrise
Dash out

Climb to the highest height
Catch in your arms 
All I’ve promised from the East 

Add hope of your own

With all your might 
Fling-far to the West
Our new pact

5 minutes to sunrise
I dash out….

Wide-angle View

I almost ruined it
Listening to the sunrise today
Needing so badly to step back and blink 
The step back -the blink
That removes the pain

For I am not the patriot clang
The whimsical splashing shore
Or the sizzling Southwest wind
Welcoming in
The sunrise smile