Wide-angle View

I almost ruined it
Listening to the sunrise today
Needing so badly to step back and blink 
The step back -the blink
That removes the pain

For I am not the patriot clang
The whimsical splashing shore
Or the sizzling Southwest wind
Welcoming in
The sunrise smile


 I’m sorry never seems precise

When the sunrise fades too quickly

Into the waiting arms of 6:38am clouds

I will not so utter the words

Or promise tomorrow will be better 

For I know the brilliant was glad for today

And that I was awake to see it at all

Some Morning

In advance of the rooster’s dutiful proclamation
And the bitter coffee’s been brewed just for me
Even before the Sun slinks forth to perform my favorite dance
I’ve been wrapped ’round and awakened
Some morning