Thank you for this window now,
Of thin and vintage time.
The safehouse to set a spell,
The anchored birch, my lean-to.
That I’d be reminded
In these gusty days
There is still
The reaching skyward
And strength to see it.

Linger Winter

And it’s then
That I’m forced
To ask myself
Of what consequence is it to me
That winter wishes to linger
While elsewhere bares its shoulders

As I consider whether to be pained
By pinstripes wider than these 
Or the loss of the starboard side’s oar
I recall 
The daffodils that dance each morning
The strong Challenger on the horizon
The Saturday swims with a mermaid

Elsewhere, bare your shoulders

Permanent Petals

It mocks me

That second sun that I know I saw when I was just a bit younger

I may have been mistaken 

About its distance away or whether I revolve around it

Or it around me or we around each other 

But I saw it and its steady song is seared to my secret spot

Listen as I add my own verses, feel as I forgive myself and watch as I wear

What it loves

My R.S.V.P.

Dear One and All:

I have received Your request for my Presence.
I am honored and I Do accept.
What generosity that you included with your Invitation the holy-grail-of-a-pre-party-gift: “The Calyx Code,” of sorts.

I scrolled through its leafy pages with trepidation and studied its precepts:

*Oh joy to learn I am already Home and become home-less only when I fail to live in the moment.

*And of True Love -I must not seek it outside my own heart? The absurdity of a lifetime spent believing I’d find it in another’s frame!

*Each sunrise is the best and only kiss I crave, each sunset proof I danced that day.

*My hips are anchored to my breath, you say? Amen – They are One.

*Evidently, These Hands are Hope and Love -like a 2nd edition of The Creation of Adam. I am all too eager to graffiti them up with a Million and one instances of Sacrifice, Swimming in the wake of HiStory’s great teacher-leaders.

*I see here that my voice speaks with Lightning -thunder is incidental. I had not known that. Good One.

*That Rain that had my feet fear-soaked for so long? I’m advised to receive it and let it Quench my Thirst. I Hope to learn whether this will better equip me to pour myself out onto others. Feeling fear face-to-face: fun!

I realize that You won’t be moved, Dear host, but your invitation has moved me.



Art Credit: from 2011 “Summer of CHINA” exhibition, Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI