My R.S.V.P.

Dear One and All:

I have received Your request for my Presence.
I am honored and I Do accept.
What generosity that you included with your Invitation the holy-grail-of-a-pre-party-gift: “The Calyx Code,” of sorts.

I scrolled through its leafy pages with trepidation and studied its precepts:

*Oh joy to learn I am already Home and become home-less only when I fail to live in the moment.

*And of True Love -I must not seek it outside my own heart? The absurdity of a lifetime spent believing I’d find it in another’s frame!

*Each sunrise is the best and only kiss I crave, each sunset proof I danced that day.

*My hips are anchored to my breath, you say? Amen – They are One.

*Evidently, These Hands are Hope and Love -like a 2nd edition of The Creation of Adam. I am all too eager to graffiti them up with a Million and one instances of Sacrifice, Swimming in the wake of HiStory’s great teacher-leaders.

*I see here that my voice speaks with Lightning -thunder is incidental. I had not known that. Good One.

*That Rain that had my feet fear-soaked for so long? I’m advised to receive it and let it Quench my Thirst. I Hope to learn whether this will better equip me to pour myself out onto others. Feeling fear face-to-face: fun!

I realize that You won’t be moved, Dear host, but your invitation has moved me.



Art Credit: from 2011 “Summer of CHINA” exhibition, Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI

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