Ms. March

She, in her warmth
Feels without question
As a cool cloth to the forehead

The solar flare she wears
Increasingly into the night
Declares darkness no longer a dread
But a mystery to move through
Past the lesser light
Back to dawn’s delight

Revolve ‘round her
Thrive with her
She, in her warmth

Lift Off

Become again the albatross
Wings spread, but grounded

Some will stand, stunned
Warmed and smiling
‘Neath the light reflecting
Safely from your feathers

Others will stare, studying
Threatened and deciding
Comfort zones, they
Too far from your glory

Such allegorical drag!
Let it be your lift

River Continuum

The thief has arrived, long in advance, and the theft has already begun

The all-too-familiar strategy…make them concede before sunrise

Their sleep, their breath, the hope for warmth today

NOW comes this, as it has, since before the beginning of time

The River Continuum -a respite, of sorts…a shimmering place, just for peace

Inhale the heat, take back the Now that is here

Not Illegal

We ache, don’t we

Our trudging, persevering waves

Our praying to not fade away into the vintage

We make you hurt, all we want

The warmth of some sun wrapped so permanently around us

That the days of being exposed and cold….

And alone

In the heat

Be behind us

Can you do that?


I wonder how I’d look with the Sun on my face. Not the fast and deep flowing sunlight, who I long ago named Hope. But the actual Sun. Surely the truth and green of my eyes would shine. Surely I’d see my chin lifted ever so slightly higher. Surely I’d feel beautiful. Then, “Hope,” I could say, “move along.”

The Cost

Herald horizon’s glow

The coming home

The glory of the toil

The warm haven waiting

For only you

And, because I once loved

I did, I know!

My heart breaks for you

Who’ll count the cost

To leave on heart lights

To stoke the soul’s fire

Who’ll sleep so alone


As that orb of warmth out there
Speak sweetly then
Despite today’s bitter news
Turn your smallest corners


Give a purposeful gift
Bringing brilliance
Urgent illumination
To other creation 

And I will too