Snow Notwithstanding

You glamorous, glamorous gal
You rock the year’s runway
With days up to “there”
Baring your shoulders
Warm breeze in your hair
December’s wolf whistles 
Don’t phase in the least 
We beckon your beauty
Within wintry beast

Torn Pages

I know
The unwritten Book
Its dulled dust cover
With pages well-worn
Everyone’s read It
In the questioning eyes and
On the stiff shoulders of

Our names are all written inside
Clear, permanent ink
Identities edited
Feathers smoothed
What you expect of me
What I expect of you and 
The consequences for failing
I know

When we see The Sun
And warmly shrug our shoulders
I know I’m in good company
That Book always scared us
So we skipped school
I know we often got busted
But here we all are today
Repurposing Books