The Good Day

The expression,

“Thank you, friend, for your habit of breaking me

For stepping forth as straw-to-camel’s-back o’er my tendency

To give every ounce of me

— despite your toxicity —

That there’d be 100% in we

Unbeknownst to me, artificially

This Union, to me, most seriously

Meant the world, was my all, yet somehow saw me

Move from true joy that was ever deliriously


Into trouble

Taking my sanity

And the strength of me

So that all that I am is now what you see

A human, who failed to live with the clarity

Of the value Jesus saw when He died for me

Here I sit

At curbside, calmed, and quietly

At His cross, listening, finally

To His voice and not yours, you see?”

has early — this Good Day — crossed my blessed lips, gracefully.

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